June 2023 Update

OGTC Commencement – On May 12th, eleven young people participated in the 2023 Commencement for the Our Generation Training Center (OGTC). What a blessing to have a small part in helping prepare many of these young people for Christian ministry! If you are interested in missionary training, we encourage you to pray about the OGTC. Through Biblical teaching, practical training, personal mentoring, and overseas internships, the OGTC is uniquely designed to help local churches train their missionaries. The fall semester begins on August 22!

Campus Improvements – As soon as the spring semester ended, we began work on several projects around the VBM Campus. With the help of my parents (who came to see Grant graduate from high school) and some other volunteers, we improved the exterior and interior of the ladies’ dormitory, finished painting some bathrooms, strengthened a porch roof, and organized our garage and workshop. There is always work to do on our campus. If you have skills or funds that you would like to donate toward further improvements, please let us know.

Creative Access Missions – Vision Baptist Missions has a number of missionaries serving in “creative access countries” which means that traditional missionaries are not welcomed by those countries. This seems to be a growing trend around the world. Over the last few months, I have been involved in helping find short and long-term solutions for these missionaries. God has opened some wonderful doors. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to help these missionaries. If you’re interested in learning more about missionary work in creative access countries, please get in touch.

UK Visa Situation – We’re blessed to keep in touch with many of our friends in the United Kingdom. We are grateful that God continues to bless and sustain the churches we started in Derry, London, and Colchester. At the end of April, an issue arose that is affecting the visas of our friends, Sam and Beth Quinn, as well as other missionaries in the UK. Over the course of May, it seems that the Lord is providing some solutions, but we would ask you to pray that God will continue to keep the doors for missionaries to the UK open.

West Africa Trip – For years I have wanted to visit West Africa, and the Lord has made that possible this month. On June 5-13, I will be visiting with missionaries in Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Please pray for safety and for me to be an encouragement to the missionaries, churches, and local people there.

Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership in the Lord’s work!

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