June Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

We are at a very exciting time in the ministry here!  The church is the closest it has ever been to being self-supporting.  Even though we only average about 25 on Sunday mornings, the people who come are quite faithful and give generously.  When our offerings are large enough to pay for all the bills, we are going to start setting aside money every month for a pastor.

We are also encouraged that several of our people are growing in their walk with God and committed to going through discipleship every week.  We have a series of about 35-40 different lessons that we take people through that teach them the basics of the Christian faith and Christian living.  We are excited about these individuals being discipled and trained to go out and teach others.  Another encouraging development is the growing commitment of the people that come to the church.  Slowly they are taking on more responsibility and helping us to do more ministry.

On May 22, we celebrated the third anniversary of Northwest Baptist Church with a Friends & Family Day.  We were blessed with several returning visitors coming out for the service.  In preparation for this special day, the church worked very hard on the new church building and on making the back garden usable for the church.

We have been blessed over the last several weeks with several visitors from America, including several Bible college students who are doing an internship with us.  Please pray for Carie Cuneio and Jason Rishel who will both be working with us for two months over the summer.

One very exciting event coming up next summer is our UK Vision Tour on June 4-15, 2012.  If you are interested in seeing many of the famous Christian history sites and doing outreach in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales, then this trip is for you.  More at intoalltheworld.net/trip.

Please be in prayer for the following requests: 1) church growth, 2) God to raise up leaders, 3) wisdom as we see about planting other churches, 4) more laborers to come to the UK and Ireland and 4) our summer Bible clubs and camps.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.

Travis & Teri Snode

Read more updates from around the world at bcwe.org.

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