March 2017 Prayer Letter – Multicultural Outreach, New Bible Classes, National Focus

A few weeks ago, a man from our church named John and I were out door-knocking together.  Behind the first door was a man who had recently become a Christian through online videos. The next was an Orthodox Jewish family who just moved to the area from North London. Following that, we spoke with a Hindu lady. The rest of the afternoon this pattern of the “world religions” continued with opportunities to speak with Muslims, Sikhs, and Catholics as well as a good amount of uninterested people.

As you can see, evangelism in a multicultural city like London is both exciting and challenging. Even though it can be hard to know where to begin, it is great to know that Christ is who everyone needs. Please pray for wisdom as we deal with people from so many backgrounds, and pray for boldness for the folks in our church to share their faith.

Early on in this church plant, we started a Bible class and Sunday school before the Sunday morning service. Though certainly not a new idea, this small group ministry has proven to be an effective tool for reaching, teaching, and training. We recently split the adult Bible study, and Teri began a class for ladies. Also, Hannah Neilly, who is currently training for missions at our church, began a class for younger children. We hope in the future to have other classes for young adults and teens.

The Lord continues to bless the Bible Institute. We currently have four students, and we are studying Bible Doctrines and Personal Evangelism. Please continue to pray for God to raise up labourers and young men that we can train for ministry.

In addition to our work here in London, we desire to have a national focus helping where we can with evangelism and church planting across Britain and Ireland. We recently met up with several Christian workers from across these islands and had a good time strategizing about what we can do to more effectively reach Ireland and Britain for Christ. You can find out more about projects and events we are working on together at

Last month, I preached at a church retreat in the Lake District (NW England). Teri and the children were able to go with me. We had a great time of mutual encouragement and edification with Bethesda Free Church. It is great to see the work that God is doing across these lands to save souls and change lives. God is very much at work here, and we are grateful to have a part!

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