March 2019 Update

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry. We are always amazed at your faithfulness and generosity to us and the work here.

We are pleased to report that the papers have been signed for the building for Northwest Baptist Church in Derry, Northern Ireland. We are now waiting on a final property certificate and search. After that, the church will receive keys to the property and renovation work can begin. Please pray that completion will happen this month and for wisdom with the renovation work.

Speaking of Ireland, we were able to go over for a week in February to visit friends and churches there, as well as enjoy a retreat with some pastor and missionary friends with whom we work very closely. We were in County Donegal, a very beautiful part of the world. Not only was the area quite remote geographically but the gospel is also not very prevalent in that part of the world. Please keep praying for Ireland as there are many open doors but the laborers are few. There are some immigration changes happening that may affect future missionaries, so please keep that in prayer. Also, pray for God to raise up more Irish and British pastors and Christians workers.

As we prepare to go on furlough in August, we are quite busy trying to establish many things at Downham Baptist Church in London. This includes more discipling and training, delegating ministry responsibilities, reminding the church of important doctrine, warning about doctrinal errors that can creep in to the church, and making sure the church has the necessary legal and organizational structures in place to ensure a firm foundation. We are very grateful for the assistance that our co-laborers Chris and Sherry Waye have been with the work at Downham, and we are excited about how the Lord is using them and will continue to use them there.

We had a couples meal in February that was a very fun time with several couples from our church and another church in the area coming. In April, we are organizing a Reach conference with the help of our good friend Alan Campbell. Please pray the Lord will use this in the life of our church and young people to grow in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

Finally, as we prepare to go on furlough (sabbatical), we are trying to raise some new support for the ministry. If your church does not currently support us but would like to have us come present our ministry, please let us know. 

– Travis & Teri Snode

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