March 2020 Update

Last Monday, on a quick visit back to the UK, I was on a bus in London. I overheard an older lady chatting to her friend about how many of her friends have passed on already. Referring to a local cemetery, she said, “I have more friends in there (the cemetery) than out of there! Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of it all anyway?” Her question hung in the air, and I couldn’t help but think that she was vocalizing what so many people feel. I was able to witness to her briefly and give her a gospel tract. Please pray for this lady and millions of others like her all around the world who need someone to tell them that Jesus is “the point of it all.”

On my 10-day trip, it was a real joy to visit with the churches we have started in the UK and catch up with many friends there. My parents went with me as well. I really enjoyed introducing them to the people in London and going back to Northern Ireland with them. 

The church in London is doing well. I was able to meet several new people who have started coming since I left. The last Sunday I was there, a man from India attended for the first time and came back the following Sunday with a friend. Please pray for Downham Baptist as they continue on for the Lord.

The church in Derry is excited to finally be in their new building and to be about 95% done with all renovation work! Since my last letter, $7885 was donated to the project which actually has gotten them much closer to being finished than we thought! Through God’s great blessing and through your amazing generosity, the building fundraiser for Northwest Baptist is complete! If you want to keep up with the next steps for the church or any future projects they have going on, you can go to 

We are so thankful for a few more churches who have begun supporting us. We still have a ways to go to get to full support before we return to the UK in August, but we rejoice in God’s provision. Please continue to pray for us as we travel these next five months and prepare to return to the field.

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