Max & Dedre Snode

We had a wonderful time with my parents who came over to visit us for the past 4 weeks.  They left yesterday and made it home to Atlanta safely.  They will be driving back to Ohio from there.I owe so much to my parents.  They have made a hugh investment in my life.  From the time I was a baby, they took me to church to hear the Word of God, prayed for my salvation and for God to work in my life, modeled the Christian life, showed me the love of Christ, provided leadership, and supported my decisions to serve God with my life.Jim Elliot said that, “The cross of Christ falls hardest on the home.”  It was a tearful farewell at the airport yesterday, but I so glad that as Christians we never really have to say, “Goodbye” only “See you later.” I am so grateful for my parents and my wife’s parents who are so supportive of us being here.  It definitely makes it easier. Thanks, Dad and Mom, for all you do for us.  Please pray for the parents and family of your missionaries.  They make great sacrifices for the cause of Christ.

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