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Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving Meal

We have continued to see good attendances at the church over the past three Sundays.

On this past Thursday, we enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving Meal and time of fellowship with several pastors and their families. We truly have much for which we should be thankful.

On Saturday, I officiated my first wedding. It was for Chris and Maria Tudor, whom we have gotten to know through the children’s school. It was a lovely time meeting many of their friends and family and encouraging this couple as they seek to glorify God in their marriage.

It was really nice to have Jessica Wachter visit with us this weekend. She interned with us for six months last year and came back for a brief visit over Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, I drove out to Wales for a pastor’s fellowship. It was encouraging to hear of some things that God is doing in their ministries and challenged me to pray for that part of the world more.

God has really blessed the building fund for Northwest Baptist Church. This past month, we had a further $6,100 given to the fund. In total, $11,830 has been donated, which brings the original total of $75,000 down to $63,170!

Please pray for our Christmas events, as these are good opportunities to share the gospel and for people to invite lost friends and family to the church. We are trying to get out 5000 invitations leading up to the events.

Our home church in Georgia is hosting the Our Generation Summit again this year on Dec 31st – Jan 2nd. It is a very exciting and inspiring missions centred retreat. If you live in America and are able to attend, I encourage you to do so.

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