July Prayer Letter

Things have been pretty exciting in the ministry.  We are thankful for what the Lord is doing, how the church is moving forward and growing stronger, and what is coming up in the days that lie ahead.

9th Wedding Anniversary

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Teri and I were able to get away for a few days to Belfast to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  It was very nice to relax, talk, shop, and enjoy spending some time together and with the Lord.  It was a blessing to have Carie Cuneio and Hannah Neilly watch our children for us, so we could go away.

Sunday Children’s Club

On this past Sunday, we started the Sunday afternoon children club at the Caw Youth Centre.  This club was an outgrowth of our Summer Celebration 4 Kids.  We had a good response of young people come from the area, so we decided to continue having a children’s club every Sunday over the summer.  We hope to be able to reach out to these young people and their families through this club.

Sunday Meeting Place

Also, on Sunday, we had our first meeting on Sunday in our own building.  We had been using a larger building across the street on Sundays.  Because the building was much too large for us and in order to save money, we decided to consolidate and use the church office building until we need to move to a larger building.  It is exciting because this move gets our church to the point that it is completely self-supporting.  Though we are not at the stage that we can pay a pastor, that will be the next step.

Youth Camp Preparation

This week has been very busy so far.  We have been working on our youth camp which is coming up next week (July 25-29).  A group of about 14 teenagers and 8 workers will be going to the camp this year.  It has been a blessing to have Sam Quinn, Jason Rishel, Carie Cuneio, James Wilson, Kathleen McCormick, and Hannah Neilly helping us this year with the camp.  They have been doing alot of work to help get ready for the camp.  The topic and theme of the camp will be the book of 2 Timothy.  All of the messages, memory verses, and devotionals will come out of the book of 2 Timothy.  Please pray for God to do a great work in the camp.  We will be going down to Ganaway Activity Centre in Millisle, Co. Down.

Building Renovations

Over the last couple weeks, different people from the church have been helping get the church building we are meeting in painted and fixed up.  It has been exciting to see the church building improve and to see many people getting involved.  We are so encouraged by the participation and commitment of the people in the church.  They are a great group of people, and I am so privileged to work with them.

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