Ministry Update – Back to School, Teaching on the Family, Missionary to Romania, Philippians Sermons

Like all other British children, ours went back to school this past week. Grant is in year 9 at secondary school. Darci is in year 7, the first year of going to the big secondary school, and Cali is still at the same primary school, in year 5. So they all three go to different schools, but they seem to be getting on well. We are very grateful for the how God has blessed each of them.

With the start of a new school term, we are making a number of adjustments to various ministries in the church. Some of these are improvements and others are due to changes in the lives of our volunteers. We are excited about the amazing group of volunteers in our church, and we look forward to how the Lord will continue to use all of them for His glory

We have combined my Bible class and Teri’s ladies class for a couple of months as I am teaching on “God’s Wisdom for Your Family.” So far we have had a good time thinking about how God’s truth applies to our families.

The last Monday of August, we attended a church fellowship at Milton Baptist Church in Stoke-on-Trent with people from a number of like-minded churches across the UK. I was good to fellowship together and a privilege to preach on “The Call to Liberty” while two other brothers preached on the “The Call to Holiness” and “The Call to Fellowship.”

Last Sunday, we had Johnny McGeorge-Oanta, missionary to Romania with us for the day. He shared about the work in Romania and challenged us to answer the question, “What Could You Do for the Lord?” Our church was excited to see him again and to hear an update on the work, especially as a group from our church was able to visit with him and the team in Romania last autumn.

Today, we started a new sermon series looking at the book of Philippians in the morning services. We are also continuing through Genesis on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights.

Next Sunday is the one year anniversary of Downham Baptist Church since we officially constituted. We are looking forward to a great day together reflecting on what the Lord has done and looking forward to what the Lord will do in the future. Please pray for Chris Waye who will be preaching. We are excited that he and his family can be back with us. They helped start the church back in 2014.

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