Ministry Update – Camping Trip, Sunday Service, Visitor from America, Birthday

Camping – This past weekend, a few of the men from the church went up to the Peak district in the middle of England for some camping and Christian fellowship. Men came from several churches across different parts of the country. We really enjoyed the beauty of that area and the opportunity to spend some time focusing on the Lord.

Sunday Service – This past Sunday, we finished the book of Joel and this coming Sunday we start the book of Jonah as we progress through our Minor Prophets series. We also enjoyed observing the Lord’s Supper in the afternoon service. We are grateful for two first-time visitors coming to the service.

Visitor from America – On Saturday and Sunday, it was good to have Christopher Beane visit with us. He is a young man who is praying about coming to the United Kingdom to do Christian work. We enjoyed hearing from him, and we hope that you will pray for him as he completed his training and takes the next steps God has for him.

Birthday – Today is my 37th birthday. I am so grateful for all of God’s blessings to me. I stand amazed at all the wonderful blessing of salvation, of my family, of the friends I have in various parts of the world, and the privilege to be in the ministry and to teach and preach God’s Word. God has been far too good to me. Thank you to each of you who pray for and support us and the work here.

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