Ministry Update: Increased Outreach, Special Events, Wales Trip

Increased Outreach

There has been a collective desire in our church this year to do more outreach. So the last three Sundays afternoon, we have had a good group of volunteers going out. Some have knocked doors and spoken to people in the local community. Others have delivered leaflets to people’s letter boxes.

We have had some very good conversations and opportunities to speak about Christ. It is amazing how diverse the area is around us. We have spoken to Christians, atheists, agnostics, uninterested people, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, and Catholics. Overall the reception has been quite good. Most people are willing to chat for a bit. Sunday afternoons seem to be a good time to catch people home.

We are praying for fruit from our efforts. But more importantly than the results is that we are obeying the Lord’s command to go and we are see people growing in their walk with God as they obey Him.

Special Church Events

This month, we have also had a number of special events including:

  • Life Skills Event  (4th February) – Some of the men and women in the church organised a “Life Skill’s” event to mentor and teach young men and women various skills. At this first event, the young men learned a bit about electricity and the young ladies learned about knitting.
  • Couples Meal (11th February) – We put together our first couples’ meal with 9 couples attending including some from other churches. After a lovely catered Indian meal prepared by Salome in our church, Nigel and Lucy Hoad gave an excellent teaching session on marriage.
  • Guest Preacher (12th February) – I was away preaching at College Park Baptist Chapel in Lewisham on last Sunday, so we were blessed to have Pastor Stephen Silverson from Chelsea Community Baptist Church preach for us. He is a good friend and as always did a great job.
  • Young Adult Fellowship (18th February) – Jeff and Heather Bryan from our church organised a fellowship for young adults and singles at this house this past Saturday evening, which I am sure was a blessing to them.
  • Missionary to Romania (19th February) – This past Sunday, we were blessed to have a young man, Johnny McGeorge-Oanta, who is a new missionary from the UK to Romania. He shared his testimony and blessed our church with his heart for the people or Romania.

Wales Trip

Last week our children were off school, so we had the opportunity to away for a few day with some friends to North Wales. We had a lovely time of rest, fellowship, and seeing a very beautiful part of the world.

We are so grateful for the privilege to serve the Lord. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support.

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