Ministry Update – International Sunday, Building Update, Camping Retreat


Missions Weekend – We had a great time this past weekend focusing as a church on world missions. David Velasquez to Spain did a great job teaching on the Motivation for Missions, the Message of Missions, and the Method of Missions. All the sermons are available on our website here. The highlight of the weekend was our international Sunday. It is great to have people in our church from many different countries around the world. We enjoyed hearing God’s Word spoken in various languages and a great international meal together.

Building Offer – We increased our offer for the building for Northwest Baptist Church by £5,000, so pray that it is accepted and that we can move on to finalising the purchase.

2017-06-01 18.59.43

Men’s Camping Retreat – On Thursday morning, a group of our men head out for a camping retreat with a number of other churches in England. We are currently in the Peak District enjoyed a great time of fellowship, teaching, hiking, and competition. It is great to see God working in the lives of the men from across the country.


2017-05-30 16.11.17

New Chairs – Some of you prayed and gave so that we could purchase new chairs for the church. All 80 of the chairs arrived on Tuesday and we are looking for to God filling up with worshippers of Him.


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