Ministry Update – Ireland Trip, Building Offer, Waye Family Arrival, Professions of Faith

We began the month of April with a trip to Northern Ireland. Several individuals from various parts of the UK and Ireland came together with us to share the gospel in the city of Derry/Londonderry. God is really using Pastor James Wilson at Northwest Baptist in a great way. It was good to see the folks in the church and many friends we made during our time there.

Two weeks ago, we made an offer on another building for the church there in Derry, Northern Ireland. So far we have not heard back about this building, but we would ask that you continue to pray for direction on this and provision for the building fund. We will keep you posted on how things progress, and if you want to find out how to get involved, go to We have other buildings that we are actively looking at, and we hope to have a confirmed deal soon.

The Waye family made it over to the UK safely and are now working to get set up in the city. We are delighted to have them back here again. They plan to work with us at Downham Baptist Church initially and then work together with us on other church planting and/or church revitalisation projects. Please pray for God to use them to win souls and make disciples.

We are pleased to report that two individuals have professed faith in Christ here in London over the last several weeks! The first is a lady that one of the other ladies in our church has been discipling. Please pray for her growth and for the salvation of her family. The other is a man who was met on the doors by a man from our church who has recently started doing outreach with us. After hearing the gospel, the man made a profession of faith in Christ!


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  1. All great news. Thanks for keeping us posted Travis! We are excited about the new believers (and the old :)) and will pray with you about their growth.

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