Ministry Update – June 17, 2014

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We do not take it for granted that you would take us to God in prayer.

It was very encouraging to have a lady visit for the first time on Sunday morning. She described herself as a “lapsed Christian” who has not been to church since childhood. She said that she received an invitation through her letterbox.  It is so exciting to know that God is working in hearts while we go out with the gospel and then to see the results of the work that God is doing!

Thank you for praying for Jessica Wachter. She arrived on Thursday. The Lord already helped her find a place to stay. She will be interning with us for six months. We are thankful to have her help, and we look forward to how the Lord will use her.

The Vision Tour Team arrived on Saturday morning. They are here for the week to learn about evangelism and church-planting and to assist with the work. With their help, we are hoping to distribute 10,000 invitations and copies of John and Romans in the Eltham area.

Another 13,000 leaflets are being delivered this week along with the local paper. You can see it below. Please pray for fruit from this effort.

Tired of Life (A6) front

Tired of Life (A6) back

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