June 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors & Praying Friends,

Last month, we had our missions weekend with an international meal and international day. Actually, every time we meet feels a bit like international day, because our church is made up of people from so many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The cultural diversity in London and in our church is a wonderful thing that we celebrate and for which we thank God. It certainly makes it easier to keep a burden and to pray for various countries of the world when you personally know people who have a direct connection with those countries.

Please pray that our church can do more to support the work of world missions. Our church is the direct result of missions and church-planting, and we hope to keep that chain going as we desire to send out and support missionaries ourselves.

We are grateful for several new visitors who have attended the church this month and continued coming. Some people find us through a bus route that passes directly in front of our church many times each day. Others find us on the internet or through a personal invitation.

Where our church is located is a prime spot for families with children to live. We have seven primary schools within a mile of our church, so naturally, we tend to get families with children and young people. I am really grateful for the amazing team of people in our church who work with our children each week. This past Sunday, a couple of the children made professions of faith, for which we praise God!

Thank you for your faithfulness. And could I ask you one more time to check that you have updated where you send our support (see note below).

– Travis & Teri Snode

SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you to those who have started sending support directly to our church. Please make sure that all future support gets sent to the address below, as any support sent to the old address will not be forwarded to us after June.

Vision Baptist Missions
PO Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009

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