Ministry Update – Mission Team, Wedding Anniversary, Amos, Gospel Opportunities

Mission Team from Pennsylvania – Last Wednesday, a mission team from Harvest Baptist Church in Natrona Heights, PA helped us distribute 5000 church tracts along with our Holiday Bible Club and Community BBQ invites. They were in London helping another church but had a free day to assist us. We are grateful for the impact they made in just one day and for their church’s faithful support for a number of years now.

16th Wedding Anniversary – On Thursday, Teri and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary a day early. We went for a dinner cruise on the Thames, which was a fun and interesting look at the city of London from the River that really made London such a focal point on this island. I am very grateful for Teri’s faithfulness to me and to the Lord’s work over the years. She makes me look good and helps me in countless ways.

Statue to honour the memory of Robert Raikes in central London

Book of Amos – We had a good time on Sunday beginning the book of Amos as we continue our Minor Prophets series. Amos contains quite a blunt message of God’s judgment on Israel’s sin, but it also shows us that God cares deeply enough to send a warning. The other truth that I really like from the book of Amos is how God uses an ordinary “country boy” to bring His message to affluent Samaria. In many ways I feel a bit like Amos – a country boy from Ohio living in the big city of London!

Young club Activities

Gospel Opportunities – Please pray for a few special gospel opportunities coming up over the next week or so:

  • This Friday is the last night of our youth club for the school term. We have a guest speaker, Josh Fortune, with us. Josh served as a cameraman in Afghanistan for three years, an experience which God used to bring him back to him. Pray for God to work in the lives of the young people who will come and hear him speak.
  • Next Wed-Fri is our Holiday Bible Club. Gospel Baptist Church in Greenville, Ohio will be here with a mission team helping us. Pray for opportunities to give the gospel, for people to be saved, and for new people to be added to the church through this.
  • Then on Sunday, 22nd July, we have our community BBQ/Cookout, when we invite our community to come to the church and join us for food afterward. Again, please pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

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