Ministry Update – Renovation Project, Outreach Fruit, Building Fund Update

2016-01-23 19.42.53Renovation Project: A good part of last week was spent on renovating our main church hall. We made very good progress, finishing the plasterboard, the electrics at the front, the plastering, and the first coats of paint. It was such a blessing to have help from a professional builder, Michael Sharp, and several men who work with him. Michael attends Hayes Lane Baptist Church in Bromley. He and his wife Rebecca have been a huge help with ideas and help with the renovation project. We plan to have a big painting day on Saturday, and hope to get the hall finished up in the next two weeks.

Outreach Fruit: On Sunday, we were very encouraged to have a young couple visit the church, who received an invitation from our Christmas outreach this past December. They said they have intended to come to the church for several weeks. They finally came and said they really enjoyed the service, as they have been looking for a Bible-teaching church for a while. You can read an article I wrote about the need to keep on sowing the seed here.

Acts Series: Sunday morning, we had a very good time in the book of Acts. I preached a message called, “Making the True God Known” from Acts 17:16-34. You can listen to the message here.

Excuses for Not Getting Involved:  A pastor friend, Alan Campbell recently shared this book with me called, “Do Not Say,” a book that inspired James Fraser to go as a missionary to China. I challenge you to read it and consider all the excuses we make for not getting involved in world evangelism.

Building Fund Update: Just over two months remain until our deadline to have half the money raised to purchase a building for Northwest Baptist Church. So far, the Lord has provided $12,880 of the $75,000 that we need. Would you pray about what you can do to help with this very exciting opportunity? More information about the project and how to give can be found here.

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