Ministry Update: Special Meeting about Building, More Visitors

IMG_5426Tomorrow afternoon, John and I will head up to the headquarters of  London City Mission to discuss the possibility of using one of their vacant buildings as the more permanent home of Downham Baptist Church.

Please pray for this meeting, as we will be discussing the particulars of using this building for the church. It would be a huge help and advantage for working in the community.

Once again, God blessed with several more visitors to the services:

  • One man came back for the second time on Tuesday night.
  • Another man, the husband of one of our regular attenders came for the first time on Sunday night.
  • Another lady received a leaflet through her letterbox this week and visited for the first-time on Sunday night as well. She said that she plans to come back next week with her sister.

This week, we have Pastor Martin Wickens from Brimpton Baptist preaching for us on Tuesday. On Saturday, we are starting to play football for an hour every week as a way to meet and reach out to young men in the community.

Things to pray for:

  • Wisdom as we seek to follow up with, disciple and train the folks that God is sending to the church.
  • Provision of finances for the new church plant. (We received word this week from a friend who sent some money toward these expenses!) 
  • Details of our arrangements with London City Mission to use one of their vacant buildings for the church. We meet with them again this afternoon.
  • Our fellow-labourers: Chris and Sherry Waye and Jessica Wachter.
  • Blessings on our ministry to young people.
  • Visitors to the church to return and become regulars.

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