Missionaries Robbed at Gunpoint in Argentina!

Jeff and Minday Bush are great friends of ours who are serving the Lord in Argentina.  They were robbed last night.  Will you please pray for them?  Below is what my pastor Austin Gardner wrote about the incident:

I just got off the phone with missionary Jeff Bush in La Plata, Argentina. They were just robbed in their home at gunpoint. If you remember Mindy is pregnant. Two thieves met them as they opened the door to their garage and home.

They put a gun to Mindy’s head. They stole their wedding rings, engagement ring, both laptop computers, camera, cell phone, jewelry, all the cash in both dollars and pesos that they had, which was about $1,000.

The thieves went into the house. They grabbed the necklace around Mindy’s neck and were going to jerk it off but were kind enough to take it off as they held the gun to her head.

There were two men and with two guns. They were told that if they report this to the police that they will come back and steal the baby, Alexandra.

This is a horrible set back. They have lost down to their wedding rings. They have been held at gun point, they were threatened. The $1,000 was money that is needed for ministry needs this week and must be taken out in cash so it is gone.

They are ok. That is the good news. Mindy, Jeff, and the girls are all ok. But this will be a scare for the family as you know.

Will you pray for them? Would you consider giving a love offering to help get their rings, their computers, camera, etc.

If you want to send a special offering you can send it to

Jeff Bush
P O Box 519
Braselton, GA 30517

Their web site http://reachingall.com/main.html

If you would like to get more information you can call me at 770-500-8021.

I ask you to help. They are in real need!


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