Missionary Spotlight: Jim Roberts – India

One of the great joys of my life is to work with a team of missionaries and pastors for the cause of world evangelism. One such friend is Jim Roberts.  Jim, his wife Autumn, and their children Eli and Ally Grace just left from the country of India in January 2013.

Jim grew up in a godly pastor’s home but did not accept Christ until the age of twenty one while serving in the Navy. God has given them a strong passion to see churches planted in India by training of national leaders as well as a desire to see America wake up to the great need in India.  I met Jim several years ago at Macedonia World Baptist Missions orientation, and it has been exciting to see how God blessed their deputation.

India is one of the largest and neediest countries in the world.  The cultural difference are very extreme.  The vast majority of the people are ignorant to the gospel.  The Roberts are located in New Delhi, a city of nearly 14 million people.

I would like to ask you to pray for the following things for the Roberts right now as they are in India:

  • Wisdom as they seek to set up their home and get established in the country.
  • Patience as they begin language school.
  • Discernment as they learn the new culture.
  • Provision as things can be very expensive, especially when getting set up in a country.
  • Peace as they are dealing with alot of stress from living in a new country and dealing with culture schock.

You can find out more about the Roberts family and their ministry to India here.  You can also write Jim at Jim@ComeandSeeIndia.org

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