Missionary to Egypt, Home Move, Sunday Services

David, Missionary to Egypt
David, Missionary to Egypt
  • This past week, we had the blessing of hosting David, a missionary to the country of Egypt. He spoke at our church, Downham Baptist Church, as well as Chelsea Community Baptist Church and Brimpton Baptist Church during his time here. It is great to see the churches here growing in their burden for and commitment to world missions.
  • On Friday, we received the keys to our home and moved in on Friday and Saturday. We are so thankful for friends here who helped us out and made the move much easier. (Our new postal address is: 112 Brangbourne Road, London, BR1 4LQ).
  • The Lord blessed with a great day on Sunday. We had a family of four visit on Sunday morning. The lady used to attend the centre where we meet when she was a girl. Please pray for them.
  • Our Sunday night service is growing, which is encouraging. We had 20 people attend this past Sunday night with one first time visitor, who was actually looking for another church. He could not find that church, but found ours and said he really enjoyed the service.
  • After the service, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with some of the folks in the church in our new home. It was great to talk about the Bible, answer questions, and share how God is working. Pray for one young lady who came and had lots of questions about the Bible.

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