October 2020 Update

It is a real blessing to be back in the United Kingdom. After sixteen years in the UK, it feels like home in so many ways. We are thankful for how smoothly our set up went, especially with various coronavirus restrictions. We are still in need of some funds to finish paying for our re-entry and set up. If you would like to help with this, please let us know. Also, thanks to several new supporters over the past year, we are now at about 75% of our support! Being under-supported is not ideal and limits to some degree what we can do in the ministry. If God would lead you to partner with us monthly, we would be very grateful.

The church in London is doing well despite a challenging year. We are grateful for the faithful members who have continued to give and to meet online while being unable to meet in person for six months. On our first Sunday back (September 20th), we had nearly forty people with several visitors coming and returning over the last few weeks. 

We have had good turnouts to Saturday outreach as well. We’ve been able to get out almost 2500 “COVID-19: A Spiritual Answer” tracts over the last few weeks. Please pray for wisdom in how to minister and evangelize in the UK as restrictions are tightening due to rising coronavirus case numbers.

We’d love to start another church somewhere in southeast London or southeast England soon. We really need the Lord to guide us and open a door. There are many needy areas, but we are finding that many of the usual places we might look to rent (community centres, schools, etc.) are not too keen on renting at the moment. Also, it is difficult to spend time with people because social groups of more than six are not permitted.

This month, I was asked by Jeff Bush, the director of our mission agency, to serve as field director for the continent of Europe. This means that, in addition to church planting in the UK, I will be responsible to encourage any missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions in Europe and recruit new missionaries to go to the various countries across Europe. Please pray for me as I take on this new responsibility.

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