Pray for Dublin City

Last week, we had the opportunity to travel down to Dublin for a few days.  While there, we stayed in Dublin city center.  I was very burdened with the need there in Dublin.  Dublin is a city of nearly 2 million people in the Greater Dublin area.  Nearly 40% of the population of the Republic of Ireland lives in Dublin.  There are people living in Dublin from many different countries including: Poland, United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Russia

Most of the independent Baptist churches that are in Dublin are around the edges of the city.  There are no independent Baptist churches in Dublin city center that I know of.  While in Dublin, I came across a very unusually scene.  On the same corner there was a group of men with a table full of free Muslim literature and a man preaching the gospel and passing out tracts.  I am so thankful for this mean that was preaching the gospel, but he was a lone voice in a huge city.  You can watch a video of this that I made below.

Will you pray for God to do a work in Dublin, to help the Bible-preaching churches that are already there, and to raise up laborers to take the gospel to this needy city?


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