Preacher’s Fellowship – Dundrum, Ireland

Yesterday, I was privileged to go down to a Preacher’s Fellowship in Dundrum, Ireland.  Dundrum is a small town that has been swallowed up by the Dublin city sprawl.  Sam Quinn, Heather Trojahn, and Stephen Kennedy accompanies me down to Dublin.

We had a good trip, and it was fantastic to enjoy the fellowship together and to hear what God is doing all around this island.  God is really blessing the church in Dundrum, pastored by Bro. Dan Canavan.  His church is called Hope Baptist Church, and they are meeting in a beautiful building.

Many of the pastors at the fellowship have been friends to me even before we arrived in the country of Ireland, and they are still faithfully serving the Lord.  Please pray for God to bless the churches all across this island.  Pray for God to help them grown, get stronger, and for God to raise up national pastors and church-planters to help take the work in this country to the next level.

Bro. Colin Pavitt, an English pastor/evangelist, preached two fantastic meetings at the meeting on “The Characteristics of Stephen that We Need in Ministry” from Acts 6-7 and on “The Nature of, Comfort in, and Results of Storms in the Ministry” from Matthew 14:22-36.

As we were leaving, we could not find my van anywhere, so we went to the Garda station, thinking that maybe it was stolen.  Unfortunately, it had been towed because it was not parked in the right spot.  I had to pay about €125 to get the van back.  Thankfully, several of the missionaries helped me with part of the cost of this.  God also provided a man at the police station who gave me a lift to where the van was, and I had the opportunity to witness to him and his mother and invite them to go to the church in Dundrum.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for our family.  Even when challenges come, God is always there to help us through.

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