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Hannah Neilly Prayer Card

In 2007, while serving in Northern Ireland, Teri and I were privileged to meet a young lady from Limavady named Hannah Neilly. At that time, we did not realise that Hannah would become a very close friend of our family and eventually an overseas missionary. Allow me to share a bit about her and recommend her to you and your church for prayer and financial support.

Hannah grew up in a very Godly home, with both her mother and father teaching her the Bible and encouraging her to know and love the Lord. As a girl, she believed on the Lord Jesus for salvation.

Tragically, at age 11, her father, a consultant surgeon, passed away with cancer, leaving Hannah, her mother, and two brothers. Despite the challenges of this, they sought to continue on for God. Their family has been a real testimony to God’s grace through the loss. You can read their story in the book “Beyond the Cutting Edge” by Averil, Hannah’s mother.

Though her home church was Limavady Baptist Church, Hannah would often attend special services at our church when she could. A year or so after meeting her, we held a missions conference where God began to first work in her heart about being a missionary. A few years later, she went on her first missions trip with us to Morocco.

Several years on, Hannah has graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in TEFL and languages. She has become a very close friend of our family, visiting us on many occasions, going on missions trips with us, and working in our ministry both in Northern Ireland and London.

Hannah and Teri in London

She now believes that it is time for her to follow through with what God has put in her heart. She is currently seeking to raise support so that she can serve on the mission field. Her plan, as a single missionary, is to assist and work alongside missionaries, helping them with evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting.

She is a member of Limavady Baptist Church in Limavady, Northern Ireland. She is being sent directly out of her home church and plans to work alongside missionaries from Vision Baptist Missions. Her first few years will include completing a course of on-the-job training through the Our Generation Training Centre. This training will include 1 year here in London, 6 months at the training centre headquarters in Georgia, and finally six months on an overseas mission field. Following this time of training, she will serve wherever the doors might open for her to best help.

Teaching ESL at Downham Baptist Church

The purpose of this update is to ask you to pray for Hannah and to ask you and your church to consider giving to Hannah and her mission work.

Ways you can help Hannah:

  1. Pray for her. Sign up for email updates here.
  2. Give to support her ministry, either on a one-off or monthly basis. Find out how to give to her here.
  3. Invite her to present her ministry in your church. She is available to present in churches in the UK and Ireland. She will also be in the southeastern part of the United States this summer (2016), and would be available to present in churches in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia. You can contact Hannah via or 07783859171 to book a meeting.

I earnestly hope that you will find out more about Hannah, that you will pray for her, and if you are a pastor that you would consider having her present in your church. It is so exciting to see people from Britain and Ireland going out with the gospel. We hope that God will raise up many more like her.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions about her or her ministry, feel free to contact me at, +44 7772 206876, or +1 678 871 9610.

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