Rope Holders – Special Prayer Team

Thankful for Your Faithful Prayers

Over the years, there have been unique individuals and churches who have communicated with us and showed a great interest in our ministry.  These people have visited, called, wrote, and been committed prayer parters with us.  We are thankful for every person and every church that has been so faithful to support and pray for our family since we began on this road nearly ten years ago, but we are especially thankful for those people who have communicated with us time and time again and held us up in faithful prayer.

Where Did the Rope Holder Idea Come From?

We want to give these faithful people and anyone who is interested the opportunity to be a part of a special team of people – the Rope Holders.  The idea for this group comes from the life of William Carey, who has been called “the Father of Modern Missions”.

William Carey was a shoemaker in England in the mid 1700’s. Even though he was not a missionary, his heart broke for missions and the dying people of the world. He kept a map of the world on the wall in front of his work bench that as he made and repaired shoes, he would weep over the world and for the Gospel that could save the world!

In a meeting with the missionary society in London, the leaders asked, “Who will go down to the Heathen and take them the Gospel?”  Carey spoke up and said, “I will go…but you must hold the rope for me!”  Carey went as a missionary to India and made a huge impact, but no doubt much of the credit belongs with those who “held the ropes” back home.

How Does the Roper Holder’s Group Work?

For those who desire to be rope holders, we will do our best send you a list of prayer requests and answers to prayer every week via email.  Initially, I will try to send these requests on Monday.  The rope holders will agree with us in prayer for those requests, and we will continue to communicate with you regarding how God answers.  There is no pressure to join the group, but if you would like to be kept more up-to-date with what the Lord is doing in our ministry, we want to give you fuel for your prayer and praise.  If you want to join the group, just send me an email at or comment on the blog.

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