Second Week in America

2016-07-31 18.09.51
Lifeway Baptist Church in Cranberry Twp, PA

We arrived in Ohio last Thursday evening and had several great days with family and friends there. Sunday morning, we were at North Pointe Baptist Church in Wooster, Ohio, which was started by older brother Harley several years ago. It was very encouraging to hear they decided to begin partnering with us. Sunday night, we were at Lifeway Baptist Church in Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania, which was planted by my young brother Nathan a few years ago. It was great to preach at both churches and to see how God is blessing them.

The rest of this past week, we were with my parents in Ohio, visiting my grandma and aunts, and Teri’s sister Joy and family. We drove down to Atlanta today, will attend Vision Baptist tomorrow, and then head to Alabama to visit Teri’s parents on Monday.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and for the work in the UK. I am looking forward to getting back to the UK on this coming Friday. The week after I get back, I will be helping with a week of youth evangelism in Sunderland followed by youth camp in Wales.

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