Snode Ministry Update

Since our last update, things have been moving along.  Here are a few things that we would like to praise God for:

  • We were able to take literature to 1375 new homes. The people in the church are getting involved in helping us get this literature out, so we praise God for that.
  • God is really working in the life of a 22-year-old young man named Lee. We have been doing Bible studies with him for the last 7 weeks, and God is really opening his heart to the gospel.
  • The remaining $1272 needed to purchase our new printer came in last week! We want to thank the individual who so generously was used of God to meet this need!
  • We had a good start to our first Local Community Bible Study with 2 ladies coming out to study God’s Word.

Please continue to pray for several special requests:

  • Plans to start a Bible study on the university campus of Magee University in Derry for university students and people who live in the surrounding areas.
  • God to raise up young men who will be leaders in the church and will have a desire to preach God’s Word.
  • Plans to put together an 16-page evangelistic magazine, called “The Hope Magazine”, to distribute to every one of the 33,000 homes in our city.  This project will cost us about $470 (£300) per month over 8 months or $3275 (£2100) total.  You can view the preliminary start to the magazine here.
  • God to provide us with new monthly supporters.  We still need to raise about $750 per month for ministry expenses.  If you would like us to come by your church when possible and present our ministry, please let us know.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  We are so grateful for the privilege to partner with you in this great work.

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