Teen Camp – Day 2

We had another great day yesterday at teen camp.  We starting the day with devotions looking at Psalm 139 about how we are “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”  In the morning service, Sam Quinn preached on “The Tragedy of Wasted Potential” from 1 Kings 14:7-11 about the life of Jeroboam.

Then, I preached on “Will We Obey the Command?” from Jonah 1.  After the service, we had a football tournament and talked about methods of evangelism.

Following lunch, we had afternoon devotions looking at the country of China and praying for God to send forth labourers.  Our afternoon activities were going to the beach to swim and big ball activities.

In the evening service, Alan Campbell preached on “Christ in Focus” from Colossians 1, and I preached on “The Sign of Jonah” from Jonah 2.

After the service, we played another game of Capture the Flag in the woods just as the sun was going down.  Evening devotions was watching a video by a missionary to North Africa and praying for the countries there.

God is doing a work and speaking to hearts.  Pray for God to continue to work in hearts.

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