Thank You for Praying for Our Week of Meetings

We have had a great week of meetings at the church.  Thank you so much for praying.  Here are some of the highlights from the week:

  • We passed out 10,000 pieces of literature in the housing estates immediately surrounding our church over this week and the days leading up to it.
  • We had 16 first-time visitors come to the church for the meetings.
  • The gospel was preached every service.  Sam and I shared preaching on the “I-ams” of Jesus.
  • Every night, various people gave testimonies of salvation and sang some wonderful special music.
  • There was very good attendance from the faithful folks of Northwest Baptist Church.  Many of them invited friends to come.
  • Many of the teenagers in the church were there every single night.

We finish out the meetings with a BBQ today from 3-6 PM and then our services tomorrow.  I want to say a big work of Thanks to the staff and volunteers at Northwest Baptist Church.

Pastor Sam did a great job preaching and leading the music programme.  The team from Maranatha Baptist Bible College has been a huge blessing, helping with outreach, music, testimonies, and the children’s programme.  Andrew Boreland from Sunderland and Jonathan Moffit from Ballyclare have been a huge help as well with the children’s meeting, outreach, and any way necessary.

Thank you for your prayers for the week.  Please pray for the seed that has been sown to bring forth much fruit in the days that lie ahead.

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