Thanks for Praying for Darci

I appreciate everyone who prayed for Darci.  On Monday of this week, she was not feeling very well.  Tuesday, we took her to the doctor because she had a fever and calpol was bringing it down.  The doctor sent her to the hospital on Tuesday night.  She had some kind of infection (probably viral) that gave her the fever.  They gave her three doses of antibiotics and she was able to come home this morning.  Praise the Lord she is feeling much better and sleeping now in her own bed.

By the way, here is a great quote I read today on prayer:

“…I am trying to pray more at any time just as the desire comes. Waiting for a special time so accumulates requests that they seem to become a little burden on the mind…the thought came to me to take everything to Jesus just so as not to carry the burden a minute. If we could only realize that every such prayer sent up is immediately heard. I am so like the man who accepted a ride but carried his bundle on his back all the time.”in a letter from Grace Wilder to her younger brother, Robert Wilder

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