Third Night of Youth Revival

2009-06-19 Emmanuel Baptist Church (1)

Last night, we finished our third night of the youth revival with a service in Limavady.  We finished with a high of at least 52 people in the last service.  We heard testimonies from Alan Campbell and Stephen Silverson from Faith Baptist Church in Glengormley, Audrey Smiley from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Paulding, Ohio, and our very own Hannah Neilly from Roe Valley Baptist Church in Limavady.  Hannah did a phenomenal job, and I am so proud of how God is using her.

Once again, Pastor Drew Gardner did a great job preaching, and David Laverty really was used to lead the singing.  We also had special music by the group from Ohio.  There were several first-time visitors, and one young men rededicated his life to God.  It was one of the most exciting meetings that I have been a part of.

Please be in prayer for the group from Ohio which is pictures above as they travel back to Ohio on tomorrow.  We left them off at the airport this afternoon.  They made a HUGE impact on the people here.  They had such a tremendous attitude and spirit the whole time they were here, and every was so encouraged by their testimony.  Please pray for them.

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