Travis Snode Prayer – February 1, 2015

Slide - New LocationDear Pastors & Praying Friends,

After four months of effort, we finished distributing gospel literature to every one of the 23,000 homes in the area around the church! Now we are hoping to go back and knock on many of those same doors and try to speak to the people. Please pray for God to open doors and hearts to the gospel.

Thank you so much for all your prayers about the vacant church building in our area. We now have confirmation that we will receive the keys on February 6 and will be able to have our first service on February 8.

The building was previously used by the London City Mission but has been vacant for several years. It has a good history of Christian work in the community. We are getting the building at a very affordable price! I cannot tell you what a miracle this is, especially in a city like London where property is at a premium.

We are so grateful for all those who have given toward the costs of the new church plant. If you would like to give, we still need money for the following items (

  • $500 – Church signs
  • $750 – Audio/visual equipment
  • $640 – Extra chairs
  • $360 – 20,000 Easter invites
  • $640 – Easter invite delivery

Please pray for all those we speak to on a weekly basis about the Lord. All around the church live people from all different nationalities and backgrounds. While knocking doors recently, I spoke with a Hindu, Catholics, Anglicans, a man whose family are Jehovah’s Witnesses, several atheists, and several who don’t really have any kind of faith. They all need the Lord!

     – Travis & Teri Snode

Download February 2015 Prayer Letter (PDF)

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