Trip to America Summary

I was in America for about 20 days in June.  It was an extremely busy yet fruitful time.  During the trip, I was able to accomplish the follow things:

  • Present our ministry and raise some new support at five new churches.
  • Give an update and encourage three churches that have been faithfully supporting us for many years.
  • Be a part of the Our Generation Student Leadership Camp at our home church Vision Baptist Church.  I really enjoyed meeting, discipling, preaching to and encouraging many of the young people who were there seeking for direction and encouragement as they pursue God’s will.
  • Teach at the Our Generation Training Centre on discipleship.
  • Renew fellowship with friends and family that I had not seen in a while.  My parents made the effort to drive nearly twelve hours one way to see me for a little while.

I really missed being away from my family, but I was glad they were not subjected to the pressures of travelling and could have their normal routine at home in Northern Ireland.  I wanted to say a special word of thanks to a few people that made the trip great:

  • The churches in Northern Ireland – Roe Valley Baptist and Northwest Baptist – for their faithfulness and encouragement while I was away.
  • The men who preached for me while I was away – Pastor Lawrence Smyth, Bro. Ian Jaimeson, and Bro. Alan Campbell.
  • The pastors in America who allowed us to come and be a part of their services – Calvin Bradley, Brandon Freeman, Jewell Gaines, Shane Hill, Derick Lawrence, Jay Martin, and Wayne Cofield.
  • My pastor Austin Gardner and his wife Betty for being so hospitable to Kyle Cooley and I as we stayed with them.  Mrs. Betty treated us like royalty and looked after us so well.
  • Bro. Mark Coffey for make many arrangements for us and collecting us from the airport.
  • Pastor Wayne Cofield and Jason Cofield for helping us get back to the airport.
  • Stephen and April Baker for allowing us to stay with them for a little while and lending us a very nice car to drive.

I am sure I am leaving someone out, but it was a real good time.  When I got back last week on Wednesday morning, I got a couple hours sleep, preached the midweek service in Limavady, and then headed out to our primary camp until Saturday.  Sunday we had a full day of services, and on Monday I crashed.  It was tiring, but alot of fun.

Now we are busy getting ready for our Summer Celebration 4 Kids next week.  Thank you for your continued prayers.


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