Update on Missy Smith

Here is the latest update on Missy Smith:

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks for praying, the trip to Dublin went fine. Missy had an ultrasound on her heart, a chest xray, and her two chemos so it was a busy day. We left about 7am and got back home about 9pm.

The chest xray showed that the lung has completely inflated and that there is no air leaking. Praise the Lord. The heart ultrasound showed that the heart is still fine. Apparently the chemo can cause heart damage.

We praise the Lord for these two good reports. Now we have a couple of other things for you to pray for. First, Missy was in a lot of pain in her hip joints, more pain that the codeine could kill. This pain is a side effect of the steroids she is on. Another side effect that the steroids have is the they affect the moods. At times Missy can be quite down. Please pray that both of these side effects will go away.

Next month Missy gets a pet scan and a ct scan. The results of the scans determine if she needs radiotherapy after the six months of chemo. Please pray that Missy will not need radiotherapy.

Please also pray that Missy’s blood will recover so that she can start her next round of chemo in Dublin on the 9th of July.

Thank you so much for upholding Missy and the rest of our family in prayer. We really appreciate it!

God Bless,

Bro. Lionel

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