Update on Missy Smith

Here is the latest update about Missy Smith, a young lady who is the daughter of a Missionary Pastor in Cork, who contracted cancer recently:

Dear Praying Friends,

We really appreciate you prayer support and encouragement.

Missy had her blood tests on Tuesday and the results were very good! In fact, her blood was the best it has been for the time in the treatment period. At this point every other time in the cycle Priscilla was neutropenic (no neutrophils to fight infections) but this time she is not! We praise the Lord for this answer to prayer. Please pray that Missy remains healthy and does not pick up an infection.

Next week Missy starts her fourth round of chemo. Please pray that she tolerates it well. Also, next week we meet with the doctor in charge of Missy’s radio therapy. She will tell us how long Missy will have to have the radiation for.
Thank you for praying for Missy and her health. We really appreciate your prayer support.

Lionel Smith

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