Visitors From Thailand, Couples’ Meal, Local Visitors

Last week, Philip and Lori Bassham, from Thailand were visiting with us on their way back to America. We really enjoyed fellowshipping with them, hearing about the work in Thailand and having Philip preach at Downham. The Basshams were the family that Chris and Sherry Waye helped when they were in Thailand.

On this past Saturday, we had a couples’ meal at the church with a guest speaker. There were 9 couples in attendance with two couples coming from Crossroads Baptist Church. The speaker was very helpful and I think our couples left encouraged.

On Sunday, we looked at Citizens of Heaven from Philippians 3.17-21 which is a very powerful passage about the role of the cross in the life of the believer – dying to self and living to become more like Christ. In the afternoon, we had a Question and Answer time which allows people to ask questions from the Bible. It was encouraging to have several return visitors on Sunday and four first-time visitors in the service.

Last night, we had our quarterly trustees meeting to meet our legal obligations and to work on overseeing the finances of the church. The Lord has really blessed our church with some gifted people who help to make so much ministry in our church happen.

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