Book Review: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

Living in Ireland, sheep are a very common sight all around.  They fit in well with the hilly, grassy terrain.  Not having been a shepherd, I miss some of the impact of the many shepherd and sheep analogies in the Bible.  A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller was given to me by a man in our church a while ago, and I must admit that it is a real classic that I wish I had read long ago.

The author was a shepherd for many years and travelled extensively around the world.  His perspective on sheep is invaluable, because he understand the nature of sheep and what it takes to be shepherd.

Without spoiling the whole book, I just want to say that I encourage every Christian to read the book.  It will help you to think more deeply about….

  • The privilege to be in the Lord’s flock and to have such an amazing Shepherd as Jesus.
  • The satisfaction and rest that comes to us as sheep in His flock.
  • The blessing of the restoration that is ours when we fall and get ourselves into trouble.
  • The protection that He gives to us from all the little things that annoy our minds.
  • The provision His gives to us as His sheep and the honor to dwell in His house forever.

Let me encourage you to pick up a copy and please let me know what your impressions of the book were.

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