Book Review: Let Me Die In Ireland

I just finished reading a book called “Let Me Die In Ireland: The True Story of Patrick” by David Bercot. 

David does a good job of trying to give a realistic account of Patrick’s life based upon the limited amount of information available.  According to Bercot, “our only genuine sources of historical information about Patrick are the two brief writings he has left us: his Testimony and his letter of excommunication to the British king, Coroticus.”

The book is written in narrative format based that makes it enjoyable and easy to read.  The book is a good insight into what Patrick’s life was like, how God used Him, and what one man wholly surrendered to Christ and His Word can be used of God to accomplish.

From this book I came away with the understanding that Patrick (often called “St Patrick”):

  • Was a born again Christian who believed in salvation by grace through faith.
  • Believed in baptism by immersion after salvation.
  • Believed in the authority, inerrancy and inspiration of Scripture.
  • Believed in the necessity to submit ourselves complete to the Word and will of God.
  • Believed in the power of prayer. 
  • Believed in carrying the gospel to the lost regardless of persecution and danger.

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