Men of Destiny by Peter Masters

men of destinyWhat do a Russian Tsar, a famous doctor, a notorious counterfeiter, a drunken fiddler, and a military general all have in common?

Sound like the beginning of a bad joke? Well, it is actually the theme of a book I was given for Christmas by a friend.

Men of Destiny by Peter Masters looks at the lives of twelve different men from vastly different walks of life who all did remarkable things with their lives but who also were dramatically changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All of them came to a crisis moment in their lives where they understood their own sinfulness, their guilt before a holy God, and the wonderful love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ to die and pay for their sins.

I really enjoyed the fascinating tales of Tsar Alexandar Pavlovich (The Tsar who Crushed Napoleon), Sir James Simpson (Discoverer of Chloroform), Alves Reis (The World’ Most Notorious Counterfeiter), John Newton (Sailor, Deserter, Slave-Trader), Jean Henry Dunant (The Man Behind the Red Cross), and others.

More importantly, I was impressed with the power of the gospel to save and changes the lives of people. Don’t be discouraged; God is still changing lives and His gospel is dynamic power! May we share it with the world!

Let me encourage you to purchase a copy of this book. Each chapter is a different story, so it is an easy, fun read. It will encourage you.

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