Try a Chronological Bible Reading Plan

I am really enjoying the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. I have tried to read the Bible through each year for many years now, but this is a fresh plan that has open up new insights for me.

Because the plan lists the chapters in the order that the events happened (or as close as is possible), you get the benefit of…

  • Reading the Psalms David wrote alongside the probably historical events he was going through.
  • Reading the Psalms and Proverbs of other people in their historical settings such as Moses, Solomon, and others.
  • Reading together parallel passages of the same event as recorded in Kings and Chronicles.
  • Reading the prophetic writings of Obadiah, Isaiah, and others in their historical context.

I started this plan in July, so I am only about halfway through. I look forward to finishing it over the next six months. I would encourage you to try the Chronological plan, if you are looking for a new Bible reading plan this year. The one I am using is provided by Blue Letter Bible and available here.

2 thoughts on “Try a Chronological Bible Reading Plan

  1. Thank you Bro. Travis for this reading plan. I shall be using it daily. I can’t say I have read the Bible cover to cover, manly because I tend to study as well as read, and find myself moving around in different chapters or books. Read Genesis 1 and turn to John 1 etc., at least I do know what I have read afterwards. I intend sticking to this plan and know I shall find “hidden things written in Thy law”.

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