Leadership With Vision Podcast

My pastor, Austin Gardner, has started a brand new podcast called “Leadership With Vision.”  In this podcast, he shares some very helpful truths about leadership, missions, evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, and training others.  The first three episodes are about: Cross Cultural RelationsTraining Leaders, and Leading Softly. All of these have been a great help to me, and I am sure they will be a blessing and challenge to you.  Here is what others are saying about the podcast:

“I found this to be a great resource as a young leader looking for practical instruction and encouragement!”

“This is a great resource for anyone who is in or wants to be in the ministry. This isn’t some deep theological class to make you smarter, this is a podcast that has the intent of helping men and women in a very practical and meaningful way.”

“This podcast is an excellent resource for young church planters and missionaries! Take the time to listen.  You won’t be disappointed!”

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