Update on the Work in Northern Ireland from Sam Quinn

Here is an update from Sam Quinn, missionary and pastor at Northwest Baptist Church in Derry/Londonderry.  He has been working with us for over two years and is leading the ministry in Northern Ireland while we are on furlough.

On Saturdays from 12-1 PM we typically do outreach on the streets of Derry, either via leaflet distribution or letterboxing, but today instead we invested that time in a Vision Day. James, a young man in the church, and I discussed what direction the Lord wants the ministry of the Northwest Baptist Church to go in the coming year, and I’m extremely encouraged. Not only was James the brains of the meeting but the work is looking brighter and better everyday.

Here are a few things that we have planned for next year:

-A “Street Angels” ministry: a work designed on reaching people as they come out of bars around the area by giving out tea and coffee and sharing the Gospel with them. We’ve participated in a similar work with the Magee CU on Monday nights and it has great dividends.

-A big push is planned for St. Patrick’s Festival. This being Ireland, St. Patrick’s is huge so this will give us a chance to witness to and work with the people. The last two years we had a festival with games and tea and coffee for the parents as a kind of alternative to the generally alcohol fueled festivities.

-We’re also planning on making or getting signs for the windows with Bible verses printed on them as both an advertisement and outreach. In our new building we have six huge windows that will be perfect for these.

These are just few of the ideas that we had, and I would deeply appreciate your prayers for us in these.

As well we have our Christmas Eve Service coming up. It will be straight forward with carols and Bible readings about the Lord’s birth. I’ve never preached a Christmas service so I look forward to it. Please pray for myself and the people who will be reading the passages; it can be a little nerve wracking to do something as simple as read the Bible in front of people if you’re new to it.

Thank you all for your communication to me on and around my birthday earlier this month. It can be a little tough this time of year being so far from home, and it is a blessing to know that I have friends and family thinking of me at home. The work here can be very slow, but I know that with the Lord’s help and your prayers the ministry will continue to flourish and see many come to know Christ.

Merry Christmas,

Sam Quinn

Luke 2:8-16

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