Why I Attend Church Faithfully

This is a lesson taught by Pastor Austin Gardner that I wanted to pass on to you.  There is some great material in this lesson, and I hope it will help you want to attend church faithfully.

Why I attend church faithfully!

Hebrews 10:24-25

  1. Because at church I am provoked or challenged to love and do good works 10:24
    1. It does not come naturally to love others and do good works but at church I learn to be different
    2. I need to be with others that love the Lord Jesus Christ I Peter 5:8
    3. I can also motivate others and help others to be more what Jesus wants them to be
  2. Because I want to prepare myself for His coming 10:25
    1. People who faithfully attend the right kind of church want to live more and more like Jesus
    2. At church I am taught how to live and be what I should I John 3:3
    3. Where else are you more motivated to look into the Word of God James 1:22-25
    4. Honestly outside of church everything pulls us in a thousand directions, God, His Word, and His truth are often far from our thoughts
  3. We are commanded to assembly together and not be like those that have another custom or manner10:25
    1. Some think that they do not need the church or other Christians
    2. Some have other habits and lifestyles that we think are more important than what God wants us to do
    3. I know what happens in the lives of people who get out of church-they grow cold and indifferent to the things of God
    4. I do not want my children to slowly drift from the things of God
      1. If it isn’t important to you then why should it be for your children
      2. What you do with the best of intentions and excuses your children will do more
  4. The Lord Jesus promises to meet with us Matthew 18:20
    1. I want to honor His Word and presence publicly
    2. I assemble to worship Him like the Bible has taught for centuries
    3. I want my family to experience the power of God in their lives
  5. I do not want to miss a blessing John 20:19-29
    1. God continues to do things in the life of His people
    2. I want to see and participate
    3. Maybe what you are needing right now in your life is what God will have preached in the service that you miss
  6. I want to learn more and more of the Bible Ephesians 4:11-16
    1. All of us need a teacher to help us
    2. God has given gifted people to the church to prepare us to do ministry
    3. I want to learn so that I can serve also
    4. I do not want to just listen
  7. We are not complete without each other I Corinthians 12:14-22
    1. In the body God has made each of us different but He has given each of us abilities, talents and gifts
    2. The purpose God has in making us so different is so that we will need each other
    3. The Bible is full of one another’s and they cannot be done with each other

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