December Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Once again, the Lord has showed Himself strong in the work here for the honor of His name.  We are so thankful for all that He has done, and we want to take this opportunity to praise Him.  Both churches are growing spiritually and numerically.  More and more people are getting involved in ministry in the churches.  The November 2009 attendance averages for both church are listed below:

  • Northwest Baptist Church (Derry/Londonderry): 27 – Sun AM, 20 – Sun PM, 35 – Tue PM
  • Roe Valley Baptist Church (Limavady): 26 – Sun AM, 29 – Sun PM, 36 – Wed PM

Since our last prayer letter, we have seen several folks make professions of faith.

  • Katrina, the wife of one of the faithful men in the church in Limavady got saved on October 30.  She made a profession of faith several years ago, but she did not believe that it was genuine.  We are rejoicing in how God has clearly changed her.
  • Caroline, made a profession of faith on November 11.  She is from a Catholic background and is the friend of Kim from Roe Valley Baptist Church.  God had been working on her heart for a while, and she is attending the church and serving the Lord faithfully.
  • Laura got saved on October 4. She is from a Catholic background as well.  God had been dealing with her for a while.  She found us on the internet, and on her second visit to the church she made a profession of faith.
  • A young man named Callum and a young lady named Selina also made professions of faith recently.  Please pray for all of these new converts.  Pray for God to strengthen them and help them as they witness to lost family and friends.

The Lord really blessed our missions conference on the first week in November.  Our pastor, Austin Gardner, came over to preach the meeting.  Both churches are very excited about being churches that are committed to world evangelism.  Northwest Baptist has committed to give $2900, and Roe Valley Baptist has committed to give $4085 to faith promise missionary giving over the next year.

Please be in prayer for the following requests:

  1. $800 for computer for church media; $400 to purchase remaining chairs.
  2. Laborers to come to Ireland and the United Kingdom to plant churches.
  3. Our one-month trip to the States from Dec 21, 2009 to Jan 21, 2010.
  4. God to call young men into the ministry.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support. God bless,

– Travis & Teri Snode

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