Discipleship Questions

My brother-in-law asked me the following questions about our discipleship programme.  I wanted to pass along his questions and my answers.  Add you comments below about discipleship in your life and ministry.

Question: How do you structure your discipleship class?  Group?  One-on-one?
We structure discipleship classes as both group and one-on-one.  Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Question: Do you run the discipleship class or are there others in the church?
I run most of the classes, but now those who have gone through them are starting to teach others.

Question: What material do you use for your discipleship class?  Custom-built?  Purchased curriculum?
We use the Foundations Discipleship series put together by our home church Vision Baptist Church.  We also incorporate other materials as necessary.

Question: What does the material focus on?  Doctrines of the faith?  Practical living?  Which area is focused on more?
First level focuses on practical living, next levels on doctrines of the faith.  Balanced in focus.

Question: How effective is your discipleship class at turning its graduates into integrated members of the church?
If we get people to go through the classes, it is very effective at integrating them into the church.

Question: What is the one mistake that I should avoid when I setup my discipleship program?
Don’t stress about the perfect programme so much that you fail to do any kind of discipleship.  Just get some material and get starting meeting with someone.

Find out more about discipleship at bcwe.org.

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