Joshua 7 Part 1: The Lure of Secret Sin


I was reading my Bible today in Joshua about Achan and how his sin, though secret, was exposed and had serious consequences.  I hope this series of lessons on “Secret Sin” will challenge us examine our hearts for secret sins and confess them to God.

In Joshua 7, Israel had just won a great victory at Jericho. The walls fell down.  Rahab was delivered, and Joshua’s fame is noised throughout all the country.  

“But” there was sin in the camp.  After a great victory is often when the Devil will try his hardest to tempt us.  In the midst of a great victory, Satan can put the seed of sin that will destroy You.

The Lure of Secret Sin

  • Secret sin allows us to sin and no one will know. (7:2)
    • Israel went up like nothing had happened. (2-3)
    • The Bible tells us that Achan saw it, took it and hid it. (7:21)
      • Seeing it was not wrong.
      • Coveting it was wrong.
      • Covetousness led to taking.
      • Our sinful thoughts will eventually lead to sinful actions.
  • Secreit sin makes the false claim that it can be hid. (7:11)
    • Achan brought sin into his home.
    • He brought the cursed thing home.
    • It would be a curse that would destroy his family.
    • The thing that he thought would bring him so much pleasure would be the cause of great suffering and destruction.
  • Secret sins are made sweet by the lies of Satan and the nature of the sin. (Proverbs 9:17-18, Prov 20:17)
    • The Devil tells us that it is just a robe, 200 shekels of silver, a wedge of gold (50 shekels).  Not much.  Not a lot.  Go ahead.  No one will know.  Nothing in comparison to all that is there.
    • He will say, “You have served God and followed God.  You have given a lot.  You deserve a little bit of pleasure and enjoyment.”

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