The Key to Personal Transformation

butterflyRomans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Most people have things about themselves that they want to change. Most Christians know that there are areas in their lives that should be more like Christ. The big question is how do we go about changing? New years resolutions, trying harder, accountability groups, computer software, confession, and verse memorisation all seem like good ideas but on their own will not produce the desired response.

Romans 12:2 gives us one very important clue to personal transformation. It comes by the renewing of our minds. So what does that mean?  I think it means several things…

  • The battle for change is in our minds. If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we act.
  • The work of transformation has already been accomplished by Christ on the cross. What remains is for us to grow in our knowledge of what He has done.
  • This is a continual process. We have been made new by Christ positionally, but practically we need to keep renewing our minds. We must be continually reminded of what Christ has done and who we are in Christ.
  • The way in which we renew our minds is with the truth. Truth is found in God’s Word and we must be continually let the truth of God’s Word enter, remain, and change our thinking. This truth will set us free from lies, baggage of our past, guilt, and wrong ideas that hold us bag. As we God’s Word dwell in us richly (Col. 3:16), it will become a part of our lives (James 1:21 “the engrafted word”) and it will “save our souls” (change us to make us like Christ).
  • Finally, we must allow the truth to transform us. Romans 12:2 says “be ye transformed.” This is a decision that we must make. We can know all the truth but still refuse to be changed. That is the decision we must make with God’s help.

What a blessing to know the truth, to have the truth, to be able to meditate on the truth, and to experience the change and the freedom the truth produces in our lives!

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