Pray for North Macedonia | 2 Million People Who Need Jesus!

Years ago, Paul the Apostle had a vision of a man from Macedonia saying, “Come over…and help us!” Today, the region of Macedonia includes part of six Balkan countries: North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, and Kosovo.

North Macedonia is a beautiful country made up of over 2 million people. Most of the people are either ethnic Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Romani, Serbs, Bosniaks, or Aromanians.

In June 2021, a team from Vision Baptist Missions visited North Macedonia briefly. The country is dominated by the capital city of Skopje, a large city of well over 500,000 people.

The country is quite poor and is less than 1% evangelical. Most of the country identifies as Orthodox (65%) and another 33% are Muslim. We were unable to identify any independent Baptist missionaries who are involved in church-planting in the country.

Other interesting facts about the capital city Skopje:

  • In 1963, 80% of the city was destroyed by a massive earthquake.
  • This city lies at the heart of the Balkans.
  • It is considered the cheapest city in Europe.

Please pray for labourers for this country. Once again the cry is going out from Macedonia, ‘Come over and help us!’

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