The Great Winepress of The Wrath of God – Revelation 14

And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.’ — Revelation 14:19

The future is a time of blessed joy and victory as well as terrible judgment and suffering. In Revelation 14, we see…

  • the Lamb of God standing triumphant on Mount Sion (v.1)
  • 144,000 there as well with God the Father’s name on their foreheads (v.1)
  • the patience of the saints who were blessed to die in the Lord and to rest from their labours (v.12-13)

We also see in that same chapter…

  • the hour of God’s judgment coming (v.7)
  • the city of Babylon falling (v.8)
  • those who worship the beast drinking of the wine of the wrath of God and being tormented forever (v.9-10)
  • the men of the earth being reaped in judgment as one might reap a harvest (v.15-18)
  • the blood of men flowing like win out of a winepress (v.20)

This awesome and awful description should strike fear into all of our hearts as we consider how great and powerful the Lord Jesus Christ is.

Men should humble themselves before the Lamb while there is time, lest they stand and face the awful judgment of God that will come. Those who do trust in Christ have the promise of rest and everlasting life.

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